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The journey began with a bunch of numbers : 17 000km, 28 hours of trip, 70 beaches, 4.6 million inhabitants, 1600km2… Sydney was kind of a dream, and it still is, now that I am back here. Lifestyle, school, weekends, parties, everything is different overthere. Suits, flip flops, short dresses, skateboards, backpackers, these are all the things you can see during a one hour walk on George St. or anywhere else around Sydney.

Everything is designed for people to be in a good mood, buildings are almost all equiped with swimming pools, saunas and gym rooms. All beaches have one or more barbecues, perfect waves and « natural » swimming pools…

After work, or after a lazy sunday afternoon tanning on Bondi Beach, you can also go on the roof of a building, right in the middle of the city, to enjoy a «BBQ» with your friends.

natural pool

Lots of people say that Australia is the country where there’s no bad news, and it is quite true… there’s no time for bad news to be there.

But Sydney has more than just swimming pools and barbecues, it also has some iconic buildings, like the Queen Victoria’s Building, the Sydney Tower, the Harbour Brige, or the most famous of them all, the Sydney Opera House.

This masterpiece, created by Utzon, was inaugurated in 1973, after 14 years of construction and 102 million Dollars, instead of the 5 years and 10 million Dollars initially estimated. Utzon has even been fired during the construction, and he never came back to Sydney to see his own work.

panorama opera 2

In term of Design, Marc Newson is one of the most famous designer from Sydney, and I could even see his work on my way back, because he designed the interior of the Quantas A380s, that I took between Sydney and Singapore.

Some say that Heaven is a place on Earth, I can say that I found my Heaven… It has the buildings of New York City, the names of London (Hyde Park, Victoria street…), the beaches of I don’t know where, and a pure Aussie way of life.

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island


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