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etudiantes presentant leur diplôme de design

Degrees, what degrees ?

Degree holders are used to saying they graduated in such or such city or school: Helsinki, London, Milan… But will this still make sense in the near future? Will it still make sense to say this for students who spent 2 semesters in London, 1 in Helsinki, 1 in Milan, and finally obtained a degree elsewhere.
Times are changing and models must be reinvented because students who complete their Bachelor’s and Master’s curriculums in the same country, in the same institution –thus limiting their mindscape to one single culture – are becoming scarce… and odd. The ongoing globalization spurs students to accumulate a wide variety of cultural and technical experiences and to hone their ability to appreciate make the most of differences.

But then, what type of degree is the most appropriate for the students of tomorrow? And above all, what identity should this degree have? One solution would be to implement a degree common to all schools; but this is risky because doing so could jeopardize schools and their identity, their specific know-how, their uniqueness.
We’ll probably be compelled to focus on values other than degrees, to define other criteria for selection that go beyond titles, training courses, places… and ultimately create new kinds of identity.

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