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Foreword for “Do you Speak good design” – Professionnal letter

Living together… Responsability and dialogue between the generations

With a nod to collective European project TANGO, Christian Guellerin reminds us of a moral fable on the role of dialogue between the generations in learning how to be responsible…

Imaginary story: “40 years ago, I walked into a restaurant holding tightly onto my mum’s hand. I slipped on a chip and fell over. My mother gave me a slap and told me to be more careful and to stop messing around. A cruel reaction admittedly, but in that moment I realized that I was responsible for where I put my feet. I also understood the first principles of freedom, freedom in consciousness. I am all the freer since I am responsible for my choices and my actions.
Today, I go into a restaurant holding tightly onto my daughter’s hand. She slips on a chip and falls. I am furious and I take the restaurant owner to court and sue him for 1 million dollars. My daughter has learnt only one thing: that we can make a lot of money by being responsible for nothing”.
O tempora, O mores!… What kind of a world do we want to live in, what meaning do we attach to relationships between the generations, between our parents and us, between our children and us?
Inter-generational dialogue is just one of the themes that student designers from Aalto University (Helsinki), Politecnico di Milano and L’École de design are currently working on for the TANGO project, which is backed by the European Commission as part of its “Culture 2013” program.
They are also working on sexuality and the elderly but I don’t have any anecdotes on that subject.

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