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Globalisation : a design-friendly context, a context that challenges spirituals and moral values

Globalisation, culture shock brings into question the whole of moral and spiritual values upon which we had originally built and locked away our societies. God now has company, the family unit is collapsing, school is hardly a sanctuary, work is no longer a virtue, ethics take a backseat to law… and even science, which, essentially, is devoid of morality, has become the target of suspicions to the extent that some hope to see it on a downward slope.
Those in search of spirituality seek to uncover the sacred and moral, which, otherwise, go unnoticed, in the everyday objects surrounding them.
There within lies a “pantheistic” approach, one looking to track down “God”, meaning and value in the simplest, most trivial-looking of objects.
It is about rediscovering meaning, virtue and identity in all things.

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