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Design and new industrial paradigms

The emergence of newly-industrialized, cheap labor countries has wreaked pure havoc on those industrial paradigms upon which economies were founded. For the past 150 years, companies have devoted their time and energy to performance, productivity, increasing returns to scale and learning curve effects in order to meet their margin requirements. For the past 150 years, it has been about improving even more on what they already know how to do.
All of this has meaning provided only that there is fair competition when it comes to production costs. As there is little point in battling with the Chinese with regard to many industrial sectors, many companies are now faced with the obligation to envision “doing differently or even something else with what they know how to do”, and to align themselves accordingly in order to adapt, transfer or even change jobs if need be.
It is no longer about improving even more on what we already know how to do, but about doing something else with what we know how to do.

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