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Designing sustainable development

Building a long-lasting humanity

Wondering today about tomorrow unevitably implies to reflect about human sustainability. Sciences have gone so far in demystifying the world that they have become suspicious in the eyes of many. Every study about genomes or nuclear fission prompts us to consider the end of Humanity. Even GMO that in times past would have been praised and used to alleviate famine are now seen as the worst ill omen ever, as tokens of a suicidal world already dying away.

To me all sustainable development-related activities are tremendous opportunities for designers. Opportunities to create, innovate and to think about a type of humanity that can last and, above all, develop tremendous economic opportunities and growth opportunities.

“Sustainable development-related activities are tremendous opportunities for designers”

The decaying social environment and the fear of tomorrow will force companies to take to sustainable development and therefore strive to become virtuous. I do not think there is such a thing as an ethical company. However, I am positive companies will be wise enough to see where their interest lies.

Besides, the legal framework will soon force the players of industrial development to abide by a specific ethics. Economy is bound to become sustainable because this is the one and only means to make sure humanity lasts and to save the world. This a tremendous opportunity for designers. An opportunity that lies at the heart of their main mission: changing the world and improving the world.

2 thoughts on “Designing sustainable development

  1. I total agree with your views, designers are part of the community. they hold a key to solving some of societal problems.

    however, if the design education Institutions do not promote social based designs that focus on solving societal
    problems. they promote designing for international trends.

    most of the time design institutions seem to be detached from societal issues.

    So, if we are to achieve the above mentioned, it should start with the education system.

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