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Christian Guellerin parle au micro à côté du robot Naoned

What is “utile”, what is “futile”… Roma, La Sapienza, February 2011

I do not think that we can define the trivial and functional by relating them to design. Anything that makes sense is functional. And, in essence, the designer’s intention is just that: to “find meaning” and “create meaning” in our surroundings.
Amid an ever-booming world coupled with merging cultures that make us question our beliefs, we crave meaning, values and identity all the way into our “blenders.” There is a kind of “pantheistic” movement in this increasingly systematic approach to design, an approach that could offset the doubts of our very own spirituality.
The trivial and functional pit themselves against the notion that we have of them: God is functional for those who believe, he is trivial for those who do not… But who would dare say that he is useless? To say that he serves no purpose would be unthinkable.

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