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To an “intuitic” thinking

Designers have become project managers. Though they are still primarily valued for their creative and technical skills – which are in itself a language – in the course of time designers have taken on other kinds of responsibility – such as being in a position to bringing together philosophers, sociologists, engineers, technicians, marketers, financial people, artists… all the players expected to produce innovation and progress. Designers are inspirers who “strike up a new order” by having human sciences and hard sciences work together in harmony for development and progress. They are pioneering elements of a new type of thought likely to merge the analytical thinking that rules hard sciences and the rather intuitive thinking of human sciences. Through their method and language – the universal language of drawing and graphic representation – they give meaning to “intuitionalytic thinking,” a hoped-for child born from the unusual encounter between intuition and analysis, a type of thinking that will undoubtedly prove useful in facing the many challenges companies are going to be faced with.

One thought on “To an “intuitic” thinking

  1. Again you hit the designer nail on it head (!) with syncretization of intuition and analysis.

    As you imply, the dynamics of intuition, when not focused becomes a type of hypothetical reinforcing loop in dire need of logic and implementation. Likewise, the analysis-paralysis syndrome is readily resolved with a good spurt of intuitive imagination.

    Thank you.

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