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Design schools/Business schools

This morning I was solicited by concerned parents: they were wondering if their still undecided child should rather enroll in a design school or a business school. I told them that after a five-year training in design, as a young graduate you possessed the resources to develop a solid marketing-and-management culture within a year or so, and thus aim for strategic in-house positions.
Oppositely, obtaining a Master’s Degree from a business school will not earn you sufficient creative know-how to become a designer within a year after your graduation… No way!

2 thoughts on “Design schools/Business schools

  1. Are you serious ?
    I don’t think that the classes you take in a design or business school are meant to “design” your mind in such a way !
    What matters is the environment you offer, don’t you think ? I study in a business school not very far away from yours, and am often stunned by the creativity of my counterparts !

    1. Of course, i am serious…I am not talking about the inner creativity of the individuals…i am talking about the matters you are dealing with…If Marketing is a techno-scientific science, as it is described by the researchers in marketing, there is no place for intuition in that…No place for Human.
      I do think that Marketing and Design are complementary but design maybe as a discipline more rich as it manages a place for intuition.
      That does not mean that people are creative or not. Dont worry, there are many very creative people in business schools and i wish we could develop some joint curriculum. As designer, we have a culture of management, that means we have to learn from others, always.

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