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Business needs Design

Because they have always considered business administration and management as mere business sciences based on analytical thinking; because they have always relied on research and its seriousness; because they have always strived to rationalize, codify and analyze the past to retrieve the sacrosanct “dogma” – in this field, no salvation without dogma, it seems – business schools have failed to develop the kind of intuition-based approaches crucial to coming up with new ideas and undertaking initiatives.
To anticipate tomorrow, never have companies been so much in need of intuitive thinking as today. Unfortunately, business schools seem quite powerless when it comes to considering a new approach to industry on a worldwide scale. Things might have turned out better if business-school-employed “researchers” had foreseen the current crisis instead of simply explaining its reasons afterwards – too late – the way historians do.

One thought on “Business needs Design

  1. You bring up an essential issue: the obligatory academic qualifiers in sequestering students into one field or another. While the transdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach provides diversity, institutions still hold back for fear the department heads/chairs will forfeit authority and control. Certainly a new approach is crucial; finding the advocates to promote such a new approach is often difficult. In this specific area you highlight (the need for intuitive thinking in business pedagogy); is often discussed in a half-baked approach to business to design. In an article in Harvard Business (09/10/09, Merholz questions why design thinking won’t save business by equating limitations of both business thinking and design thinking. The assumption affords deeper attention being paid to intuitive thinking which is often thought of as too soft, too artsy, too irrational to be necessary for the business world. Nevertheless, if truth be told – the philosophical poiesis of impulse and intention is innate to human behavior.

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