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Best wishes for 2009: year of design

“I wish you all a wonderful year 2009, ripe with happiness, love and self-fulfillment for you and all your loved ones… I wish all heads of institutions all the best in hopes that their schools keep growing larger and delivering more and more high-quality degrees as their fame keeps spreading on the international scene. I hope all course leaders teach talented students with whom they can keep learning on a daily basis; I hope all foreign relations coordinators and counselors keep enriching themselves by feeding on other cultures; I hope all researchers keep researching and actually find what they are looking for; I hope all young graduates embrace gratifying positions and follow fruitful, fulfilling career paths; I also hope students keep their quick-wittedness, eagerness to learn and enthusiasm alive and that they mature their skills in shaping the world they live in so as to make it a better place.

I sincerely wish you all a happy new year… A year plump with creation and progress.

We can step into this new year in two different ways: we could let hopelessness take hold of us as we witness all the wars, the creeping rise of belligerent extremist movements, the financial crisis, the many States deeply in debts, climate imbalance, all the difficulties encountered in handling our Planet, and all things beyond our control such as natural disasters, earthquakes and extreme cold waves when everyone warns us about the ongoing global warming… In short we are overwhelmed with concerns that foreshadow the difficulties we are faced with now and that our children will also have to deal with tomorrow. Living should amount to giving meaning to our future. What kind of future can we really hope for when so many threatening clouds are looming on the horizon?
But “in troubled times artists see their creativity bloom.” Therefore we should remain hopeful and consider the tremendous opportunity for designers to seize in these dark times: designers are in the best position to embody a much-needed change and a new way of understanding the world and of building a bright future with a focus on smooth and sustainable development on a worldwide scale.

2009 is the year of design and creation.

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