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The question for GM : What to produce if not “cars”

The U.S. government has granted billions of dollars to the automobile industry to prevent it from collapsing and taking with it the whole economy. Similarly, the French President has received Renault’s President Carlos Ghosn to obtain help and finance for its restructuring.
If this means supporting the automotive industry to continue to manufacture automobiles, then it could be that the effort is futile: There is no reason to believe the leaders of General Motors and Renault will become smarter, better managers than they already are, that employees will suddenly become more productive, that the markets will turn, and the sales teams will find some opportunities on other planets.
The same logic can be applied to automotive designers: how could they possibly become more creative? There is no reason to consider them as bad designers.
However, should the automobile industry ask what they can do with their expertise for products other than cars, it would then be urgent to appeal to designers.
The know-how of the car industry is focused primarily on engine technology explosion, the organization of the assembly line and particularly powerful distribution networks: “What can be done with this if it is not to make automobiles?
This is the only question that the leaders of General Motors and Renault, to whom we are going to lend billions of dollars or Euros, should ask themselves.
Designers of all countries, unite: the automotive industry has never needed you as much …on the condition to invent another future for the car industry.

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