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Wedding saris
octobre 19, 2011 par s.vonkessel

Within the framework of Wedding Project, I got interested in the tale of a traditional wedding sari, wanted to know how it was manufactured. I tracked its manufacture process, from its weaving to when it is worn by the bride … Read more

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The Indian Food and Cook.
octobre 17, 2011 par s.vonkessel

Since I was young, I have loved food, to cook and gastronomy. I have grown up in a kitchen with my father. He taught me so many things and he teaches me again and again. It’s a really … Read more

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TCD student profiles 2011/ Gauthier Raguin
septembre 12, 2011 par s.vonkessel

My name is Gauthier Raguin and I am 24 years old. I will be studying for two years in India, and more specifically in the Srishti School in Yelahanka.  Yelahanka is a  northern town in Bengaluru where I have been … Read more

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TCD student profiles 2011/ Claire Auger
septembre 5, 2011 par s.vonkessel

  Hello everyone, It’s difficult to talk about oneself. Let’s begin!! My name is Claire, I’m 21 years old, I have all my teeth, I’m crazy and I sing atrociously (like a dish). More seriously!! I was born in Bordeaux, … Read more

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TCD student profiles 2011/ Manon Foucraut
par s.vonkessel

Hello. I am Manon, I am 21 years old and I am in the field of space design. I am in India because I find that this country is a very rich source of inspiration thanks to the many colors, … Read more

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TCD Profiles 2011/ Charlotte Secheresse
par s.vonkessel

I’m Charlotte, I’m 21, I’m a French product designer student. I’m going to be in India for 2 years, to finish my post graduate studies. I came here to acquire  another way to learn and think. I want to discover … Read more

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TCD student profiles 2011/ Juliane Denogent
août 28, 2011 par s.vonkessel

Hi everybody ! As I must introduce myself, I’ll try to do it well… So my name is Juliane, I’m 21 and I can’t speak English… as you’ll notice in this article ! I am from Burgundy, France, where they … Read more

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TCD Class of 2011
août 24, 2011 par s.vonkessel

1. Gauthier (Product/Industrial) 2. Charlotte (Product/Industrial) 3.  Claire A    (Interaction) 4.  Juliane     (Graphic) 5.  Manon      (Space)… Read more

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Being a designer in a family… by Pierre Vinet.
par s.vonkessel

It is always very complicated to introduce ourselves  as a designer to someone else. Indeed, we are a part of our past, the values given by our family and our relationships, but the design profession requires us to develop ourselves … Read more