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The Changemakers
octobre 14, 2012 par s.vonkessel

Featuring THE HINDU MAGAZINE, Sunday, October 14, 2012 Divya Sreedharan talks to five social and ecological entrepreneurs, both individuals and organisations, who are saving the planet in their own little way. What does a techie who now sets up rainwater-harvesting … Read more

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Behind the tin sheets.
octobre 10, 2012 par s.vonkessel

A reflection about an ongoing documentary film project in Bangalore The first interviewed person is Abhimanyu, from Bihar, the poorest state in India. He explains that he will certainly come back in Bangalore if he gets the opportunity. I … Read more

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India’s newspaper industry
par s.vonkessel

Featured Article: The New Yorker: Annals of Communications Citizens Jain Why India’s newspaper industry is thriving. by Ken Auletta October 8, 2012 While everywhere else in the world the newspaper and advertising industry is shrinking,  in India it is expanding … Read more

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Early Morning Sunday Market
octobre 9, 2012 par s.vonkessel

Last Sunday I found myself walking among a huge crowd on an informal market; full of goods of all kinds and so full of people that I was sometimes concentrating more on putting my feet in an empty space, than … Read more

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Let’s have a look.
par s.vonkessel

1 week ago. We were in this little village next to Doddabalapur, 15km from Yelahanka, where we met some people, we saw a village and of course we discovered how these famous Ganesha statutes are built. I am going to … Read more

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2 States
par s.vonkessel

My first thought when I started to read Chetan Bhagat´s novel « 2 States: The story of my marriage »,  was « Oh no, this is going to be a Bollywood written version of an impossible romance story like Romeo and Juliet or … Read more

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Featured article:‘Where Indian growth is crooked’
par s.vonkessel

29 August 2012 By Neeta Deshpande Economist Amit Bhaduri speaks about the current direction of the Indian economy. … an excerpt Why doesn’t growth trickle down to the poor? It is not strictly true that growth does not trickle down … Read more

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Interactions in Yelahanka: The Bus Stop
par s.vonkessel

We chose to work on observing the environment of Yelahanka and more precisely on the bus stop called Railroad Wheel Factory. This place is on Doddaballapur Road, a very frequented place. The bus is a common transport in many countries. We wanted … Read more

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The Indian Venus
par s.vonkessel

During British colonization, traditional representations of Hindu divinities were replaced by printed color images. The most powerful example of the colonial influence is the art calendar. This art form has been produced for British patrons and the Anglicized Indian elite … Read more