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Design for Social Impact in India
novembre 21, 2012 par s.vonkessel

THE HINDU,  the second largest circulated English newspaper in India, has published an article Design for Development, which refers to design projects and opportunities both in rural and urban Indian contexts. In the emerging economy young designers and … Read more

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Visualizing the process
novembre 20, 2012 par s.vonkessel

Visualization plays a role at every stage of the design process. Presently Gauthier Raguin, A5 student in Transcultural Design, is developing, formulating and elaborating an idea on which his Master project is founded, while visualizing his research about waste management in … Read more

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Design in India, an Interview with Janak Mistry
novembre 7, 2012 par s.vonkessel

A series of professional lectures and visits in companies are presently organized for the A5 TCD students. Janak Mistry visited as guest lecturer last Friday to give a talk on innovation and design in India, present his work and interact … Read more

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My internship with Swarnmandir Jewellers and a visit of the Belur Temple
novembre 5, 2012 par s.vonkessel

I am at present interning at Swarnmandir Jewellers. It is, as the name says, a company which makes jewelry and has an integrated design office. It is located in Tumkur, a little town 1h30 away from Bangalore. They also have a … Read more

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Anganwadi Workers: Help to Build a Better Education
par s.vonkessel

While talking to Arvind from Akshara Foundation he told us about Anganwadi workers and that we could think about them in our work. So we did, and it seems that we now have discovered a new stakeholder involved into the … Read more

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Introducing DesignDay
par s.vonkessel

I have attended the first DesignDay with Kshitiz on Saturday, October 20, 2012, at the Microsoft Research Lab (Lavelle Road, one kilometer South from MG Road). It is a very new concept, aiming for a monthly gathering of good thinking … Read more

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KR Market by night
par s.vonkessel

It has been hard for me to fall asleep today. And I had to wake up very early because I had planned to go to KR Market as suggested by Kshitiz, to experience what people over there do as Non … Read more

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The NID and Design for Change Experience
par s.vonkessel

A first perception of a space is widely influenced by the way we reached it. My guide must know that as he wants me to pay attention to the road while the rickshaw is taking us to the National Institute … Read more

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Experiencing Indian Culture at Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT), Ahmedabad
par s.vonkessel

Last week on CEPT* campus in the occasion of the Navratri Dance Festival, the creative energy was even more tangible than usual, if that is possible. From the workshop we heard the metal clinking, the hammers and drills beating in … Read more