A4 TCD-Students started a project for Bangalore’s Industry. A work-in-progress report.


EFD Induction is a global company, which manufactures machines for induction. Originally from Germany, EFD Induction is operating worldwide and has since 15 years a factory in Bangalore.

At present a new factory building near the International Airport, Bangalore has been planned. The new building, designed by Soumitro Gosh and Axel Schorlemmer from Mathew Gosh Architects, should not only contain a different transport system for the machines, but also incorporate the company’s concern towards a sustainable production, dealing differently with energy and water consumption. For their customer relationship area, the CEO Mr. Reilard wants to design the spaces in a way that international customers, coming often from Japan,  relate to India’s culture and the company’s philosophy. He has asked the A4 students to come up with innovative ideas for different areas inside and outside of the new building.
The areas of work and domain for the TCD Students involve:
1. visual communication: branding, digital storytelling: Showcasing quality and history of the company, « Indianness », effective ecological industrial production
2. space design, eco- and product design
Customer Relations, Reception and Lounge Area, Outside Spaces, System for Exhibition Design, Ergonomics of workplaces, areas of communication, light design…
Students will be in touch with Mathew Gosh Architects and the client Hubert Reilard, who will be instrumental in choosing ideas for preliminary designs. Plans from the architects are provided for the project.

In the first design phase students have analysed the project in mixed teams and each team has independently worked on a briefing. They have identified their research, fields of interests and methodology, as well as work out a detailed timeline, using  tools like brainstorming, mind mapping, empathy mapping. A three day workshop on design thinking by Professor MP Ranjan introduced students to many different ways of thinking and methods in design projects (an extra post will come up).
During the 1st phase of the project, each team works in competition to the other teams until the Phase 1 presentations on 1st April. A jury, comprising of the client (CEO) and the architects, will identify the best design ideas and decide which will be developed further.

EFD Induction in Attibele at present

EFD Induction’s old factory building in Attibele at present


Mr. Reilard, the CEO of EFD Induction India, explains the architecture of the new factory building in the first workshop with TCD students.



Axel Schorlemmer, one of the Architects, explains the innovative cooling system which works with a lot less energy consumption than the normal Airconditioning.


This is the product of EFD Induction, machines to harden parts needed in the automobile and motorbike industry.


The short moment of induction hardens steel parts for the automobile industry.


Hardened parts.


The look of the customer relationship area at present.


Students collecting information.



Students interacting with employees in different work spaces.


The machines for induction heating are build and assembled in team work. They are individually designed due to the client’s needs.


First interactions in the factory.


Design plan for the worker.


Parts for the machines are manufactored.


Analysis of the process in place at present


Presenting macro-level ideas.


A different form of mapping ideas.




Going more detailed…


Students are back in the factory to evaluate assumptions…


… and to analyse more carefully the employees needs and the company’s culture.

Three different teams of students will present their work of the first design stage on 1st April to the client and architects. The client will then decide with of the ideas will be selected for further detailing.

Another report will be posted in April on more Work-in-Progress.

Sabina von Kessel, TCD faculty, is presently responsible to facilitate this project with the students.


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