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I have attended the first DesignDay with Kshitiz on Saturday, October 20, 2012, at the Microsoft Research Lab (Lavelle Road, one kilometer South from MG Road). It is a very new concept, aiming for a monthly gathering of good thinking minds to make some awesome stuff. It is not about finding a job or showing off his own work, but rather opening his mind and acting as a community to build something bigger. Participation is the key, everybody is required to present his work, conduct a lecture or whatever. By the way, the project is ran by only three people, and they recruit volunteers to help them. Another value is the consistency prevailing over glamour. Meaning that you don’t need any specific knowledge to talk about space design or user experience, as long as you have an analytic mind, and are able to think about relevant topics. DesignDay aims to be multidisciplinary, so gathering designers from every possible horizon will lead to a cross-learning experience.

The program was pretty simple: A first lecture about user-experience was about an application which helps measuring our mood of the current moment, and then proposes poems, music, and other features fitting that mood. A second lecture about biomimicry, which is the great idea of reusing nature’s logic to design, by introducing biologists to design teams. Last one about generative systems, or the way of using algorithms to create unique visuals, using merely one program. Last but not least, the event finished with a JAM session, where we worked in teams about an application to get healthy using smartphones & social networking. This moment was a great opportunity to work with professionals and see actually what is their methodology. Needless to say that we all had our own.

So guys, if you’re interested in meeting, experiencing, working with, discovering Indian design and the emerging design community around Bangalore, do attend the next DesignDay ;).

Text: Jean-Baptiste Haag, A4 student and intern,

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