Early Morning Sunday Market


Last Sunday I found myself walking among a huge crowd on an informal market; full of goods of all kinds and so full of people that I was sometimes concentrating more on putting my feet in an empty space, than on the place itself. Luckily I had my numeric third eye with me – aka my photo camera. So I shot the market every 20 seconds to be sure not to miss anything.
An infinity of little shops blossomed as I walked through the place. Mountains of fabric, piles of books, cutlery, collections of collections, old cameras, gramophones… If the heat had not been so unbearable, I could have spent the whole day exploring the stocks. Actually a lot more than a day would be necessary.
While admiring handicraft products, I started to see in them more than just cute little wooden boxes or cautious metal work, but the same gestures repeated over and over again by craftsmen for ages. I saw the tremendous traditional knowledge and figured that such a heritage has been influencing and shaping India’s way before westerners put their feet on this land.
As a designer in the making, that is something I want to work with, preserving this heritage, adapting the new environment and lifestyles to the past ones, as a tribute to these ancient gestures. Or I would die with them in a museum.

Text and Photos: Hélène Thébault, A4 student, Bangalore

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