Let’s have a look.


1 week ago. We were in this little village next to Doddabalapur, 15km from Yelahanka, where we met some people, we saw a village and of course we discovered how these famous Ganesha statutes are built.

I am going to talk about people, about how they work and how they live. It was now, the best moment for me to take the most beautiful photographs.

Their posture, their look, their smile, their clothes. This is the Indian tradition, I like photographing.
I was looking at this man mixing the clay to create the little Ganesha, or this man creating something in metal: handicraft, here we are.

As Hélène said, this is one of the important points we’d like to discover in India, and this is what I would like to show you through my photographs.

Photos and Text: Clémence Palvadeau, A4 Student, Bangalore

Visiting the village was part of the immersion workshop CIA, Culture, Interaction, Adaption which took place, for the new students, during the first 2 weeks of September. S. v. K.

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