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As part of transcultural program at Srishti School, we had to find a 3-month internship at a design agency. Manon and I are trainees at Restore Solutions, a retail design agency for the last month.

First, what is retail design ? Let me explain to you how future space designers and graphic designers find their respective interests in this field. Retail design is the interior design of commercial spaces where goods are sold to the public. It aims to make these commercial spaces more appealing and inviting to customers. Retail design combines suggestions regarding exterior and interior commercial design to create a welcoming retail environment. It involves assessing existing retail stores and performing consultations about new locations. Retail design services can vary depending on the needs of the proprietor and the nature of the retail store. If you want know more about what is the retail design :

Manon works in the space design department and I am affiliated with the graphic design department. My team works on branding, packaging, visual identity and advertising.

But I want talk more in detail about all that Restore Solutions do thanks to its complete and versatile team.

1. Store and space design :

The agency has primarily a space design department for retail spaces.

2. Fixtures and fit-outs :

Restore Solutions also designs installations, POP (Point-of-Purchase) advertising, display stands and shelves, ‪fixture and fix-outs‬.

3. Product design :

Restore Solutions likes to say « The product is a brand’s greatest spokesperson ». Thus they realize diverse and varied objects to help brands to communicate their products.

4. Visual merchandising :

The advertising communication is really important in a shop. So Restore Solutions also designs, among other things, poster presentation of products in points of sale. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.

5. Graphic design :

To communicate a brand, we need a logo, visual identity, brochures, posters, and other visual supports. Restore Solutions also design and realizes these.

6. Packaging :

The agency designs also the shape and graphic design of packagings so that the latter are correlated with the spirit of the brand.

7. Turnkey implementation :

Since 2009, Restore Solutions has the resources and capacities to execute what they design themselves.

I’m really enthusiastic and interested to work in this agency because I had never worked in this field. I hope to learn a lot about retail design and also that it will bring something extra in my training as a graphic designer.

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