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This Dutch design exhibition was in Bangalore from July 19th to July 31st in Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, college of fine art of bangalore. It is a travelling exhibition. It first begin in Ahmedabad, then went to Mumbai and Bangalore. After it will go to China.

During this exhibition there was a workshop ‘Re-Cycling Cycling’ to promote and popularize cycling in Bangalore. This workshop was directed by Janak Mistry (Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology), Murali H.R. (Namma Cycle) and Ed van Hinte (Premsela). People from India and The Netherlands have both worked together to make the workshop.

The exhibition contained 30 projects from all different designers from both India and The Netherlands. The 30 projects are really different. Some were very abstract and other were very concrete projects ranging from architectural design to fashion design.

I like that each project has a short text to explain but also drawing that explains sometimes better than words. The drawing explains how the product is made, it’s instructions for use.


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