The Indian Food and Cook.


Since I was young, I have loved food, to cook and gastronomy. I have grown up in a kitchen with my father. He taught me so many things and he teaches me again and again. It’s a really passion for him and we share that passion. He gave me a big dictionary of cooking, called « Le Larousse de la Cuisine ».

Before I came to India, I was so excited to discover Indian food and to learn to cook Indian food, because I didn’t know anything about it. Some of differences from French food surprised me. For example, Indian food is much spicier than French food. When I arrived in India, I couldn’t eat Indian food, I only ate rice, idly and chapati. The best chapati I have ever eaten is at Hegde’s Fast Food, made by Uncle. It’s a little restaurant in SFS Colony in Yelahanka. At the beginning, it was the only place where I could eat spicy food.

For me spicy food is good, but it is also frustrating because, in France, I am used to finding all the flavours of the ingredients in the meal. When it is so spicy, I can’t feel flavour because my mouth is burning.

However, I recently tried Pav Bhaji and Masala Dosa. They were both so good! I really love Masala Dosa.

Another difference is that Indian food has extreme flavors. For instance, when it is fatty, it is too much fat, and often it is the same with sugar. Moreover, generally Indian people eat chicken and fish, but no beef! It makes me sad, because is my favorite meat. But each day, I discover new recipes and typical Indian meals that I like!

In addition, a majority of Indian people are vegetarian, many more people than in France. Here in India, there is a symbol for vegetarian food–the green square with a green circle. It is very useful to see the symbol with the color when you buy food and ingredients.

The meal is different too. You eat on metal or plastic dishes and with your fingers and there is no dessert… Oh my God, no dessert! In France the dessert is so important because it finishes the meal. Sometimes it is served with a black coffee or simple tea (with milk and sugar), but here I like to drink chai.

To conclude, I miss the French food and the French cooking. It was difficult at the beginning, but I like to discover Indian cooking, and I like to eat it too!

So, let’s a MASALA DOSA!!!!!



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