TCD student profiles 2011/ Gauthier Raguin


My name is Gauthier Raguin and I am 24 years old. I will be studying for two years in India, and more specifically in the Srishti School in Yelahanka.  Yelahanka is a  northern town in Bengaluru where I have been living for one month.


I am a student of product design and am working towards becoming a product designer one day. You may be wondering what kind of product design I am interested in. According to me, a good designer is someone who is in a position to rethink, imagine, and innovate any object. But I won’t hide from you my liking for furniture design.


So why did I come to India where the Indian culture is different from mine ? That is the day’s question ! I wished to come here because I am thirsty for knowledge. I want to constantly learn new things, and especially improve my English language.


I love travelling around the world. Therefore I have to improve my foreign communication skills. Also as I am partially hearing impaired, I take it as a deep personal challenge… And when I seriously want something, I make every effort to get it !




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