TCD Profiles 2011/ Charlotte Secheresse


I’m Charlotte, I’m 21, I’m a French product designer student. I’m going to be in India for 2 years, to finish my post graduate studies. I came here to acquire  another way to learn and think. I want to discover another culture and way of life. I think that it will be interesting to discover and learn from the traditional art  of India and the traditional manufacturing methods. It’s a really great experience to come here. India can offer a lot of opportunity for us. I chose to leave France for 2 years, because I think that I need to open my mind and see another point of view to grow up.
Every day, I discover new things, and learn more about this beautiful country. I enjoy being here. There’s always something happening here, and sometimes it’s just unbelievable. Since I’m here I have put into perspective a few things that in France would have irritated me.

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