TCD student profiles 2011/ Juliane Denogent


Hi everybody !

As I must introduce myself, I’ll try to do it well… So my name is Juliane, I’m 21 and I can’t speak English… as you’ll notice in this article !
I am from Burgundy, France, where they make the (excellent) red wine ! But as it rains all the time and it is very cold in winter, I ran away to Nantes to study design at  l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique. I studied graphic design for three years.

You can see my work portfolio at :
This compilation of works exhibit most of the graphic design projects I have worked on : illustrations, page layouts, graphic identities, posters, post cards, etc.
Enjoy !

But because Nantes is too far from home, I decided to go abroad a little bit further… India !

Why India?
Because it has always been in my plan to explore this wonderful country, its history and rich culture. I have a blog serving as illustrated travelogue of our explorations in Bangalore :
Pictures portray our adventures and our encounters as well as our various future projects in the framework of intercultural option at Srishti School.

To be a designer today, means being open to the world. Globalization drives us to innovate in order to respond to the needs of everyone. To do this, what better way than to discover a new culture, a new way of life and thus new ways of thinking and seeing things ?

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