Being a designer in a family… by Pierre Vinet.


It is always very complicated to introduce ourselves  as a designer to someone else. Indeed, we are a part of our past, the values given by our family and our relationships, but the design profession requires us to develop ourselves every day, open ourselves to multiple ways of thinking, observing and not staying in the normal bounds.

That is why we are often in this category that I would call « extraterrestrial ». The guy who succeeds in his studies but who is really weird in his way of talking, or joking. He  has weird musical tastes, spends more time watching the store layout than the products which are there, and will have improbable ideas in improbables places, like toilets, a bus, or in bed.

Being a designer in a family is a name that sounds good, that gives envy, but we do not really know what he does. He draws, he sleeps late, he drinks, he drinks a lot, he attends a lot of parties to de-stress, he can work and have fun at the same time, lucky boy !

My trip in India drives me up a level today, seeing a cow in a street, eating with our hands or pushing people to sit in a bus seems normal. It is this difference that makes us understand that there are no weird people, just different ways of thinking.

Trying to understand, not giving limits, and trying expériences out as much as possible is my manner of thought…


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